Spells and Spellcasting

Wizard's Castle

Spells and Spellcasting

There are three spells available to explorers in the Wizard's Castle...

Note that if you attempt to cast a spell, but do not meet the requirements to cast the spell, the monster gets a free attack at you!!  Ouch...

  • Web

This spell requires a minimum INT of 10, and costs 1 point of INT to cast.  It encases the monster in a thick mass of webs for up to nine rounds, allowing the intrepid adventurer to safely attack (or wisely retreat!!).

  • Fireball

This requires INT=12, and costs 1 point each of INT and DEX to cast.  Although there is no minimum DEX requirement for casting, if the casting runs your DEX down to zero, you will go into the next world with the death-sounds of the monster echoing in your ears!!

This spell pounds the monster with a fierce ball of flames (bet you couldn't guess), which may or may not actually kill the monster, but it will certainly make the fiend ponder the wisdom of annoying you...

  • Deathspell

This sudden-death spell has no minimum casting requirement, and costs nothing to cast... what a bargain!!  However, those few who have observed the casting of this spell and lived to tell the tale, have reported that only one combantant walks away from the exciting event.

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