Wizard's Castle


There are several treasures to be found around the castle.  Some of them have magical abilities, while others are just pretty (and worth alot of money!!).  The known gems are:

  • The Ruby Red - cures Curse of Lethargy
  • The Pale Pearl - cures Curse of the Leech
  • The Green Gem - cures Curse of Forgetfulness
  • The Opal Eye - cures blindness
  • The Blue Flame - if a book gets stuck in your hands (why would you do *that* ??), this gem dissolves the glue.
  • The Norn Stone - antidote to snake venom??
  • Palantir - quite pretty, rumored to be useful for communing with other mages
  • Silmaril - even prettier

Any of the gems can be sold to vendors for badly-needed cash.  Note that, at least in the current incarnation of the game, there is no way to recover gems from the vendor once you've sold it.

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