Using Phone Dialer in Windows 2000

Windows Dialup

 Using Phone Dialer in Windows 2000


With your computer and telephone connected to the same line, you can use the Phone Dialer to make a call, or participate in a video conference call, from your computer. The dialer can also store telephone numbers. Make sure that you have selected the profile for the site you are dialing from; then you can make computer-to-ISP (Internet Service Provider) and computer-to-computer calls.


 Note: Your telephone line will need to be equipped with a dual jack or a "Y" splitter so that your computer and your telephone can share it.


To open the Phone Dialer, click Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Phone Dialer.


For more information on how to use the Phone Dialer, read the help files provided within the application.


 Note: This feature is supported on Windows(R) 98 and Windows 2000. It is not supported on Windows XP.