Switch -V<n>[k|b|f|m|M|g|G] - create volumes


Switch -V<n>[k|b|f|m|M|g|G] - create volumes

Create volumes with size=<n> *1000.

By default this switch uses <n> as thousands (1000) of bytes (not 1024 x bytes). You may also enter the size in kilobytes using the symbol 'k', in bytes using the symbol 'b', in megabytes - 'm', millions of bytes - 'M', gigabytes - 'g', billions (milliards) of bytes - 'G' or select one of several predefined values using the symbol 'f' following the numerical value. Predefined values can be 360, 720, 1200, 1440 or 2880 and replaced with corresponding floppy disk size. If the size is omitted, autodetection will be used.

It is allowed to enter decimal fractions using the dot as the decimal mark. For example, -v1.5g means 1.5 gigabytes.

You may specify several -v switches to set different sizes for different volumes. For example:

rar a -v100k -v200k -v300k arcname

sets 100 KB size for first volume, 200 KB for second and 300 KB for all following volumes.

If volumes are created on removable media, then after the creation of the first volume, the user will be prompted with:

Create next volume: Yes/No/Create All

At this moment in time, you should change the disks. Answering 'All' will cause all volumes to be created without a pause.

By default RAR volumes have names like 'volname.partNNN.rar', where NNN is the volume number. For RAR 4.x archive format using -vn switch it is possible to select another, extension based naming scheme, where the first volume file in a multi-volume set has the extension .rar, following volumes are numbered from .r00 to .r99. RAR 5.0 archives do not support -vn and extension based names.

When extracting or testing a multi-volume archive, you must use only the first volume name. If there is no next volume on the drive, the user will be prompted with:

Insert disk with <next volume name>. OK/Cancel

Insert the disk with the correct volume and press OK.

Archive volumes may not be modified. The commands d, f, u or s can not be used with multi-volume sets. The command a may be used only for the creation of a new multi-volume set.

It is possible, although unlikely, that the file size, of a file in a multi-volume set, could be greater than its uncompressed size. This is due to the fact that 'storing' (no compression if size increases) cannot be enabled for multi-volume sets.

Archive volumes may be solid and/or self-extracting.

Shell mode equivalent of this switch is the "Split to volumes" field in the Archive name and parameters dialog.


create a 1200000 bytes size solid, self-extracting volumes

WinRAR a -v1200 -s -sfx bitmaps