Switch -IICON<name> - specify SFX icon


Switch -IICON<name> - specify SFX icon

Specify an icon to use in the created or updated SFX archive. The <name> parameter is a name of .ico file. You must not compress SFX module by any third party executable compressors if you are going to use -iicon.

This switch is the command line equivalent of "Load SFX icon from the file" option in SFX options: Text and icon dialog.


  1. add contents of c:\myfiles folder to setup.exe SFX archive and use c:\myicons\ver1.ico as SFX icon

WinRAR a -sfx -iiconc:\myicons\ver1.ico setup.exe c:\myfiles

  1. replace an icon in the already existing SFX archive setup.exe with ver2.ico stored in the current folder

WinRAR s -iiconver2.ico setup.exe