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The Athenaeum is a non-for-profit game. It was made with the help of countless artists from the online community. Here are the (royalty-free) graphical credits for the game:

Pig Sprite - ludaruda from WayOfThePixel Pixelation forum board

Blacksmith & Worker - CuriousHelper from RailDex Project Dev

Patrician Girl - RPG Maker VX Ace

All Romeo & Juliet Characters - s31tech.org (Tech)

All Plant Textures - RPG Maxer VX Ace

Choir Boys - Demons Sprite (SNES Game - Copyright Expired)

All Items - lAcEe on OpenGameArt.com

All Other Julius Caesar Characters - 180textures.net (OpenGameArt.com)

All Other Lord of the Flies Characters - DoubleLeggy (OpenGameArt.com)

We would also like to give a special thanks to:

JavaPLT at Rice University, the developers of our Java IDE DrJava.

Ms. Dyke, the coolest teacher at the school.

Kimberly-Clark, the creators of Kleenex, an invention that helped wipe away blood, sweat and tears for 4 whole weeks during the development of this game.

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