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Windows NT/2000 does not come with a command-line 'kill' utility. You can get one in the Windows NT or Win2K Resource Kit, but the kit's utility can only terminate processes on the local computer. PsKill is a kill utility that not only does what the Resource Kit's version does, but can also kill processes on remote systems. You don't even have to install a client on the target computer to use PsKill to terminate a remote process.


Copy PsKill onto your executable path and type pskill with command-line options defined below.


Running PsKill with a process ID directs it to kill the process of that ID on the local computer. If you specify a process name PsKill will kill all processes that have that name.

usage: pskill [-t] [\\computer [-u username] [-p password]] <process name | process id>



Kill the process and its descendants.



Specifies optional user name for login to remote computer.



Specifies optional password for user name. If you omit this you will be prompted to enter a hidden password.


process id

Specifies the process ID of the process you want to kill.


process name

Specifies the process name of the process or processes you want to kill.