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Have you performed a rollout and only to discover that your network might suffer from the SID duplication problem? In order to know which systems have to be assigned a new SID (using a SID updater like Sysinternals' own NewSID) you have to know what a computer's machine SID is. Up until now there's been no way to tell the machine SID without knowing Regedit tricks and exactly where to look in the Registry. PsGetSid makes reading a computer's SID easy, and works across the network so that you can query SIDs remotely. PsGetSid also lets you see the SIDs of user accounts.


Copy PsPsGetSid onto your executable path and type "psgetsid".



Usage: psgetsid [\\computer[,computer[,...] | @file [-u username [-p password]]] [account]


If you want to see a computer's SID just pass the computer's name as a command-line argument. If you want to see a user's SID, name the account (e.g. "administrator") on the command-line and an optional computer name.

Specify a user name if the account you are running from doesn't have administrative privileges on the computer you want to query. If you don't specify a password as an option PsGetSid will prompt you for one so that you can type it in without having it echoed to the display.