Edge Motion Properties Page

Synaptics TouchPad

Edge Motion Properties Page

Getting Started


The Edge Motion properties page allows you to customize the long distance pointer motion capabilities of your TouchPad. When your finger reaches the edge of your TouchPad, the Edge Motion feature allows the pointer to continue to move until you lift your finger. See Move the Pointer Long Distances for more details about the Edge Motion feature.

The Synaptics TouchPad driver may also control other pointing devices attached to your system. If the Synaptics TouchPad driver is controlling more than one pointing device on your system, the Synaptics pages on the Mouse control panel will have a drop-down box listing all of the pointing devices that are controlled. You may set separate settings for each by selecting the appropriate device (settings which don’t apply to a particular pointing device will be grayed out).

Enabling Edge Motion

Check the appropriate boxes on this page for the types of Edge Motion that you desire:

·When Dragging


·When Scrolling

Customizing Edge Zone Sizes

This page includes a small map of the TouchPad with the edge zones highlighted. See the Edge Zone TouchPad Map for a more detailed description. You can adjust the size of each zone by dragging one of the black resize handles on the TouchPad map. If you are having trouble activating the Edge Motion feature, you might want to try making the edge zones wider.

Customizing Edge Motion Speed

During Edge Motion, the speed at which the pointer (or dragged object or Virtual Scrolling scroll thumb) moves can be pressure-sensitive or constant. With pressure-sensitive speed, the harder you press the faster the object or pointer moves. For this type of speed, check the box labeled Control edge motion speed with finger pressure.

If you prefer a constant speed for Edge Motion, you can adjust the speed with the Edge Motion speed slider located on this page.