On OpenVMS

Sql Replication

Building the Sample Environment on OpenVMS


We recently discovered that in Synergy versions up to and including 10.3.3d, I/O Hooks support was not functional on OpenVMS if the I/O hooks code was located in a shared image library. In order to configure

a replication environment on OpenVMS using this sample code it is necessary to be running Synergy 10.3.3d and also have the support hot-fix 37537 installed. Contact Synergex Support to obtain this hot-fix.


Refer to the various shell script files in the VMS directory.


Basic steps to build on VMS:


Log into a privileged account (privilege is needed to start a detached process as SYSTEM)

Create an empty directory and copy the sample environment there.

Move to the VMS folder

Execute the BUILD.COM command procedure.

Edit REPLICATOR_SETUP.COM and check settings. In particular you will need to configure REPLICATOR_DATABASE based on the SQL Server database you intend to use.

Start replicator as a detached process by executing REPLICATOR_DETACH.COM

Or start the replicator as an interactive process by executing REPLICATOR_RUN.COM

Check the log file in the [.LOG] folder and ensure that replicator was able to connect to the database.

Run REPLICATOR_EXE:EMPLOYEEMAINANCE.EXE and use it to add instructions to the replicator queue.


Use the S command in REPLICATORMENU or run REPLICATOR_EXE:REPLICATORSSTOP.EXE to stop the replicator process.