Brain System Cells

Spud Ai

Brain system cells are the cells 802 to 2000. These cells are used by various functions within the Ai program.

Cell number Description

1 holds the length of BD and the positions of certain data within the BD
801 unused
location and name of today's log.
803 computer name uses the present computer name set up in network.
804 this entry is setup every time the Ai receives an input.
Field 7 = time, field 8 = date, file = file name, field 10 = days full name and field 11 = day and month.
805 bad word response uses field 8 then puts the bad word at the end eg. i don't understand the word...
806 start-path the folder the Ai program is in.
807 help file location.
808 train NN location of the train.txt file used to train the Neural Net.
809 UDP information File field holds the codes that control what is sent and how it is received: i-o = input to output, i-i = input to input, o-i = output to input, o-o = output to output, qtf = query remote Brain.
Field 11 is added to the sent packet before the END: command, this means extra code can be added eg.
ac:3000 activates Brain =Cell 3000 on receiving computer
in:110011111 9 bit code used for input of cell (overrides Brain input code)
if in: is in field 11 then the code following in: is used otherwise the input code is used.
If in: is appearing in the receiving ai then set Brain Cell 809 Mode field to 0, also remove the contents of
field 11
When sending if Mode = 1 nothing is sent if Mode = 0 then packets are sent.
The UDP packet is made up in the following way:
main text, password of the remote ai, how the text should be treated, ip number of the ai sending the packet eg.
hello world pw:1234do:i-oip:
QTF query remote Brain this works in two ways you can either have the default cell 809 field 9 set to qtf which
then sends any unknown words, words that have been added to the user dictionary and words with no word type set to the remote ai. These word types are B A and # in the word is found in the remote Brain then the information is set back with the tag do:ret the Brain on the local machine is either updated or a new entry created. If either noun, verb, adjective, adverb is found in the incoming string then the word type is updated. For some reason LM on my server doesn't work properly so i use qtf to query another ai on another machine which then accesses information using the new Learning Mode routines configured using Brain Cell 1602.
Make sure the mode field is set to 0 if not nothing will be sent.
810 field 10 is the Browser string sent to the address bar on launch.
811 EIIInt is used to control expected in input routine field 2 = number of times to keep asking for word, field 10 = eg. please answer question ... field 11 = give up phrase.
812 ISC01 is fields 8 to 11 are image compare replies look at ISC02 entry 13 for more info on how the results are processed.
813 ISC02 is fields 9 to 11 are image compare replies normally to output unless putininput is in 5 if 4 = 40 then readout error count. The input code is changed to sic error count divided by 10
814 auto execute the word in field 8 is put into the input when the Ai starts. If there is something in the Tags field then the cell is activated at startup.
Field 7 is used to reset the BD to a new computer. If field 7 is set to "reset" then the full CheckFix routine is run. reset is removed from the field after the reset which happens the next time the Ai starts up.
If field 7 is set to "resetalways" then the full CheckFix routine is run every time the Ai starts. See keyword CheckFix for more detail. If there is something in the Tags field then the cell is activated at startup
815 output-failed field field 10 = response field 8 = not sure?, field 11 = MoodClue trigger: Timer ? Timer ! Timer ^ Timer - Timer ~ Timer + if timer at top same then do confused routine
816 used to control Ai font defaults, field 1=size 10 point, field 2=weight 300, field 11= type usually: Courier New, MS Sans Serif, Palace Script MT these values are set by the program. Fields 7, 8 and 10 can be changed. These fields alter the colors of the text and background field 7 = the color of the scrolling text field 8 = input boxes text colors field 10 = background color. The color is set using rgb value red green and blue. The value of each component can be anything between 0 and 255 eg.
field 7 = rgb:0,255,0
field 8 = rgb:0,200,20
field 10 = rgb:0,0,0
817 used to hold location of desktop in file field.
818 controls maths functions, field 8 put in front of the maths answer field 10 is the reply when there are more than 2 numbers in the input.
819 STF search text file default settings, fields file and field 10 hold the filenames to search field 8 holds the word to be put in input search-input,search-output, field 11 = the file name of the file holding more filenames field field 7 = name of the output file if 'htm' is found in the filename then the output file is wrapped in HTML code to make it into a web page. The file headcode.txt if it exists in the HTML folder will be added to the output file in the head tags eg. <HEAD> (contents of headcode.txt) </HEAD> . This is used to add extra code like Java script or style info. field 10 is the full location of the search results file overrides putting search results into readout folder.
820, white space message
821 unused.
822 Reply Quality defaults field 11 holds a 23 figure number each number corresponds to the RQ sliders in settings.
823 d3in is digital in 3 do field 8 if it goes off field 10 if it is on.
824 d4in is digital in 4 do field 8 if it goes off field 10 if it is on.
825 d5in is digital in 5 do field 8 if it goes off field 10 if it is on.
826 bottom-right-button is the logo button at the bottom right of the screen f8 is put into the input when small display.
827 browser information field 10 holds the home page/default page sent to browser when the URL string is empty.
828 field 8 sent to output if ToPrint is the same as the bad word, this is useful if auto learning will bring the answer after the output has been sent.
829 unused.
830 repeatanswer repeat answer if the output is repeated and no other suitable answer can be found field 8 is put in front of the answer.
831 Create HTML file field is the source file, field 10 is the output file. The source file is read if a Ai tag is found then the Ai processes the tag then continues to read the file. At the moment there are two tags that can be inserted into web pages.
<aioutput> this tag is changed for the output from the Ai.
<cell:1234> activates the brain cell number following cell: the tag is replaced with the output from the cell with a space added at the beginning and the end. These tags can be inserted in other text which isn't changed.
832 Auto Ai control used when Auto Ai is checked in settings. Also the mode set in mode field is the default mode so you can filter the input if mode field = 3 then Learning Mode (LM) is used. When LM is on entries 122 and 123 are also used. If the wheatstone bridge is connected then the input from that is used instead of random entries from the BD.
833 random-number-reset random number was below 40 so its bin reset to 33.
834 out-to-file used by Output to file Net OUT f9 put in front of output f10 put after.
input used to encode for html only works when create html checked in settings.
835 STM-noun used by short Term Memory STM if word is a noun sandwiched between field 8 and file field.
836 STM-verb used by short Term Memory STM if word is a verb sandwiched between field 8 and file field.
837 STM-TF word found in STM and TF but its not a verb or noun sandwiched between field 8 and file field.
838 STM-no-TF word found a few times in STM but not in TF ie. I don't know what it means
839 NoSTM is words rejected from the Short Term Memory scan. Words in f11 are excluded from the STM scan there must be a space on each side of the word for the word to be recognized.
840 no subject set.
841 to 899 subjects look in Subject.
901 ApplyMind-Referance used by ApplyMind routines.
902 ApplyMind-ActionToDo from ApplyMind routines.
905 used when Ai in system tray used in menu puts cell name field into input puts field 7 into menu.
906 used when Ai in system tray used in menu puts cell name field into input puts field 7 into menu.
907 end_of_playlist when the play list ends anything in f8 it is put into the input so you know the list has ended.
908 Wheat stone bridge the keyword in field 5 is which output type, wsbresistance a value between 0 and 255 with wsb_r_ in front when a change in resistance is detected then the new value is sent, wsbwave an ever changing wave, the input signal is processed and enhanced by software this information produces letters, words and sentences the output can be fed into the Ai to teach it or used to create an output by using the words already translated,wsball uses both wave and resistance in is output. If putininput in field 11 then WSB is put into input, putinoutput sends WSB to output, swopinput swops the analogue input channel, the default channel used for the WSB is channel two.
909 output filter for QNV field 8 first bit "i think that" file field second bit "are" field 10 third bit "with" field 11 fourth "do"
910 used by Search Engine New (SEN). SEN sends the input to a web site like a search engine and extracts an output from the results sent by the search engine. Field 8 is the first part of the search string, field 10 is the second part. The input is sandwiched in between. See SEN in Processing Algorithms for details.
911 used by the CON process see CON in Processing Algorithms for details.
918 sends a message to the name of the window in file field, used to send information to other programs running on the computer. field 11 holds the what to do with the message code i-o = input to output, i-i = input to input, o-i = output to input, o-o = output to output, qtf = query remote TF, in: = sends the input code of the cell. This function is tuned to work with the server. it is invoked after a LM download request or a QTF query, then the message is sent. On the test server if a bad word is found then the qtf routine is use to initiate information download from web sites like WorldWeb online dictionary, this process can take a long time on my server if it doesn't receive a window message then the php script fails to prevent this the message is sent on timer loop. I have a timeout of 30 seconds on the php script so if the information cant be found i set the timer loop to a value that clocks before the 30 seconds is up.
919 NNE 6p matrix files field 8 in front file file field is the file created by ai processing field 10 last matrix file. The in front and after files are matrix files containing nne entry numbers.
920 6P Six Points fields 7 to 12 are the 6p responses.
921 NNE image scan field 11 is the verification code 000010000 seems to work well also converts 00000000 into 000010000 file field is the matrix file used if image double clicked field 10 is the matrix file used if nnescanimage keyword is used to activate image scan 000000000 is converted to 000010000 because if all inputs are 0 then there is no positive value to set a "1" in the output one of the NN anomalies i've found whilst learning how to program NN. This means that a totally white image will be classed as a match to get round this field 8 holds the words to use.
If field 4 = 69 and a match with the output code from the nnescanimage routine is found in the BD then the words in the associated BD entry field 8 is put into the output.
If field 4 = 68 and a match with the output code from the nnescanimage routine is found in the BD then the words in the associated BD entry field 8 is put in the input, if no match is found then the output code from the routine is put into the input which can the be copied and put into the BD manually. If NN learning is ticked in settings then the code is added automatically to the BD.
922 used by LM if field 4 = 0 then field 8 is sent to the output, the following input if a number will set the word in question field 4 to the number.
923 LM prompts used to request information from the user field 8 is the word to associate with word in question, if there is one word in the next input then this word if in the BD is then associated to the word in question the cell is linked to the new word using an output node. file field and field 10 asks more questions and uses the inputted words to set up more associations in the BD.
924 Cell type exclude. Excludes the cell types from various outputs so sentence codes, special words and other word types as defined in the cells type filed can be excluded from certain processes like 6p and NNE. Field 11 holds the word types to exclude default excluded word types:
field 11 = 32 60 72 96 118 131 0 132 120 40 102 103 450
925 special action the string in field 11 if found in input uses the special action routine at mo £ triggers the value to be increased by % in field 3 eg if field 3 = 25 amount = 25%.
926 extension field 11 is the extension to use when looking for new image eg. field 11 = .jpg
927 ftp (file transfer protocol) used for transferring files to a server using ftp protocol. Field 7 password, field 8 user, file field is the filename to upload, field 10 is the address of server, field 11 is the path and filename of the uploaded file. If field 11 is empty nothing will be copied.
928 change wsb word if something like frog=finger in input if frog found in field 7 then field 7 changed to finger used to change wsb words field 8 response if done.
929 git (gap in time) if a gap in time is spotted like when the computer goes into standby then f8=output. If f4=68 then f8 sent to input, if f4=69 then f8 sent to output. The Ai uses the time to work out the gap so if the Ai is running at midnight then the switch to the new day triggers GIT response, f2 is the length of the gap it time to respond to in seconds.
930 controls for the keyword scanimagefull field 10 is the color depth normally at 5 max=15
field 11 is the 2nd and 3rd color change if 10 then if the image has only 9 colors or less then only one of the most found colors is changed. If there are more than 10 colors then the second most found colors is changed to black the third filter is 2 x field 11 so if field 11 = 10 then 2x10 = 20 if there are more than 20 colors then the third filter is used. normally set to 10 max around 100.f9=number of colors to remove normal 3 max about 50.
931 Learning Mode Auto LMA this routine finds information on the web and automatically updates the Brain. Its been tweaked to work with WorldWeb online dictionary if the word is found then the input code is set to 110000000 or 001100000 if not found. If a bad word is found and LM is ticked in settings then the search url is created this url is downloaded to the filename: ALFile.txt this file is filtered using the Extract Words routine which creates the file: ALFile.txtx this file is then searched for the focus word plus the contents of field 7. The line holding the word or a line after as set in Operation field is used to set the contents of the detail field.
The coded tweak used for WorldWeb looks for the word noun, verb, adjective, adverb when searching the ALFile.txtx file. if any of these words are found then the word type field is also updated. There is some end of line filtering which removes the following 1. 2. nbsp verb noun adverb adjective. The cell is checked for tags and the tag function is invoked if found, some tags may not work as expected though because the routine is invoked from an abnormal place. To fix this activate another cell.
field 7 is added to the focus word after the focus word has been used in the search string
field 8 is the first part of search string
file field is the output rejected if its the same as the contents on the field
field 10 is added to search string after the focus word
operation = number of the line to use for the detail field after the line holding the focus word and field 7 has been found in the downloaded page
type = debug options 2 copies the text without filter 3 runs the ExtractWords process twice in order to fix the weard bug.
These are the settings for cell 931 to work with worldweb online dictionary.
operation = 1
field 7 = 1.
field 8 =
field 11 = word to add to end of search string put a space here if having problems downloading the file
mode = 0 tells the routine what word to use
mode = 0 UDPBadWord variable used for online and results file search
mode = 1 field 8 used for DownLoadFile only local search string set to cell word detail field will be updated with new information if found
mode = 2 field 8 and field 11 used for DownLoadFile local search string uses field 7 only on ExtractedWords file. Word detail field will be updated with new information if found
mode = 3 field 8 used for DownLoadFile only. Field 11 used as the web search string field 7 added to search string when searching extracted files. Detail field will be updated with new information if found
mode = 4 assume search string is already set so leave it as it is
mode = 5 leave web search string as is use field 7 only to search extracted text
mode = 6 use RAS code for web search sandwiched between fields 8 and 10, then use RAS subject word for local search
mode = 7 use RAS code for web search sandwiched between fields 8 and 10, then use field 7 for local search
mode = 8 same as mode 2 but excludes lines that contain the contents, if any of field 10 (not yet coded)
Some mode switches don't work on the default cell 931.
If initiated from the keyword AutoLearn then the word used in order is either the bad word the UDP bad word or the cell word.
932 Learning Mode RAS LM_RAS default settings. Uses the AutoLearn routine When RAS produces no output then cell 932 values are used for AutoLearn.
If field 8 is empty then the process is bypassed
933 user defined window
mode is the left position, operation is the top position, order is the window width, type is the window height.
If this cell is activated then the window is closed then reopened useful if you want to reset the User window.
field 7 edit box color rgb:255,0,0
field 8 edit box text color rgb:255,255,255
field 10 window background color rgb:0,0,255
934, activated when User Window is left clicked. The coordinates of the mouse are sent to the Stow process which then reads the image under the mouse then sets up the cells weights and then activates the cell. The input code is generated from the average color taken from 162 pixels from under and around the mouse pointer.
If you set cell action to cell IN to cell OUT then the resolution is lowered and block colors will work better. The color of the pixels is 16 million to fit this value into a 9 bit code the resolution is decreased this is why some different colors produce the same output.
935 used by emotion. node to cell fields hold the most common words when the list is full then the most commonly found word is in the, to cell 01 field. the cell numbers move down when a more words are found. Cell numbers that drop off the list are added to field 11 in cell 860 used by Subject New. When a cell word is added to the subject list then the words found count is reduced to 1 this is done by adding the tag <remove> to the emotion field of the cell. The tag is acted upon next time the cell is found. The Mode field holds the number of times the most found word has been found, when this number exceeds 100 then its reset to 0 this means the list moves down. If a word has a found count higher than 100 then this is also reset to 0. At the moment the cell is activated when the Choose Answer routine produces no reply. The input code is
changed to the number of times found before activation. At the moment i'm using the tag: <nodewords-ifa> which uses some of the found words for the output.
936 used by imagescanvertical keyword. The Order field is the top starting position to beguine image scan if at 0 then the whole image is scanned the range is between 0 and 200. The closer the number the faster the scan but smaller image is scanned. Mode field if 1 then the red and the blue lines are drawn. The input code is altered with 1 meaning an object very close to the robot ie. a vertical line has penetrated the 200mm area in front of the robot. The position of the 1 in the code are the positions of the object i'm not sure yet how many 0 in the input code are required for the robot to go through safely. field 10 is the tilt value used when adding the data from the image to the location map this value gives the software the value to control perspective.
937 input code used by compass to store angle value.
938 input code used by compass to store pitch value.
939 input code used by compass to store roll value.
940 used by the alarm keyword. In cell fields are the cell numbers of cells with the alarm keyword, these cells are checked every timer loop. There is a maximum of 9 alarms more on alarm can be found in the keywords section.
941 used by defrag. If Defrag is pressed from this cell then special filtering is applied.
The type value is the type of word to exclude from the new database. Warning some problems for some reason the filter needs to be run a few times to get it to work.
942 node to cell filter if 942 is activated then the clean in cell values are checked and changed. If for some reason there are lots of references to a cell that might be causing unwanted words in NNE routines mostly spotted in NNE 6P. The in cell value in cell 942 is the cell number and the position to change to 0. At the moment it filters cells 2000 to end of file. if set to -1 then the in cell node fields with -1 will be reset to 0.
943 activated when the user window is selected / has focus and a keyboard key is pressed. The input code is set to the value of the key pressed before activation. The cell will only activate again when the key has been released
944 activated when the user window is selected / has focus and a keyboard key is released after being pressed. The input code is set to the value of the key pressed before activation.
945 activated if the mouse is right clicked in a part of the user window that isn't covered by another control.
946 Used by keyword ImageScanVerticle. If ImageScanVerticle returns 0 green count. It is considered that if there are no green spots then there is something wrong. If the robot is close to a wall or there is no image then the green count is 0 so the robot thinks the way ahead is clear which it might not but in another situation it might be true. The input code is altered to 111000111 if no green count otherwise set to 000111000
947 used by direct X windows, mode is left coordinate of window, operation is the top coordinate.
948 used by the image window, mode is left coordinate of window, operation is the top coordinate.

949 to 1000 reserved for future use.

Cells 1000 to 2000 have their input code connected to various functions.
cells 1000 to 1175 are altered by the NIOtoNNE variable when these functions are used then there input code is incremented.
These input nodes are also connected to the K8055 input/output card and to the DMX K8062 card
The event scanner scans cells 1000 to 2000.

1001 Restart.
1002 Startup.
1003 Open settings.
1004 Open BD.
1005 Received messages.
1006 field 8 is the RAS output.
1007 Put in input.
1008 Patterns in short term memory.
1009 Sentence code in TF, field 8 is the Sentence code in TF and TF outputs.
1010 Pattern output.
1011 TempToPrint found in TF.
1012 field 8 is the Parameters output.
1013 System commands.
1014 Adverbs.
1015 Adjectives.
1016 Verbs.
1017 Nouns.
1018 If f3=3.
1019 If f3=2.
1020 System commands.
1021 File moves.
1022 File deletes.
1023 Show image.
1024 Read file.
1025 Read file in field 10.
1026 Read file in 10 into input.
1027 Read file in field 10 full path.
1028 Read file in readout directory.
1029 field 8 is the NNE output.
1030 Know names.
1031 field 8 is the QI output.
1032 Question noun verb. Field 8 is the QNV output
1033 Second part QNV.
1034 Mode 5.
1035 Long file read.
1036 Read file to input OK.
1037 Read file to input FAIL.
1038 Read file OK.
1039 Read file password OK.
1040 Read file FAIL.
1041 field 8 is the 6p output, field 7 is 6p2 output, field 11 is 6p2 ex output
1042 Say print. Field 8 SayPrint output the main output inserted just before 1178 is activated in the SayPrint routine
1043 Mode 7.
1044 Toprint buffer.
1045 Toprint buffer bypass block.
1046 Write to log OK.
1047 Write to log FAIL.
1048 Write input to file OK.
1049 Write input to file FAIL.
1050 Write output to file OK.
1051 Write output to file FAIL.
1052 Write HTML file OK.
1053 Read top HTML file OK.
1054 Read top HTML file FAIL.
1055 Read sandwich file OK.
1056 Read sandwich file FAIL.
1057 pass value, the pass number is recorded to the input code before the input is processed.
1058 Read bottom HTML file FAIL.
1059 Read bottom HTML file OK.
1060 Read bottom HTML file FAIL.
1061 Write HTML file FAIL.
1062 Keyword stopnetwork.
1063 Keyword startnetwork.
1064 Keyword putininput.
1065 Keyword put9ininput.
1066 Keyword writetofile OK.
1067 Keyword writetofile FAIL.
1068 Keyword aion.
1069 Keyword aioff.
1070 Keyword cleartoprint.
1071 Keyword doesfileexist YES.
1072 Keyword doesfileexist NO.
1073 Keyword iffileexist YES.
1074 Keyword iffileexist NO.
1075 Keyword autoit read OK.
1076 Keyword autoit read NO.
1077 Keyword readcontroltf.
1078 Keyword activateudp.
1079 Keyword sendscreen.
1080 Keyword sendtobrowser.
1081 Keyword filetoinput.
1081 Keyword filetooutput.
1082 Keyword expectedininput.
1083 read message data store.
1084 RQW Reply Quality Weight.
1085 Put In Data Store.
1086 Translation Weight String.
1087 PTTISTMOTPTOM (put TF translation in short term memory of the pattern that occurs most).
1088 SubNameFound, student file open OK.
1089 SubNameFound, student file open NO.
1090 lesson subroutine.
1091 scan desktop and put all .lnk files into TF.
1092 lesson subroutine.
1093 Auto Ai..
1094 Auto Ai.
1095 Autoit check YES.
1096 Autoit check NO.
1097 Learning mode file read OK.
1098 Learning mode file read NO.
1099 best match in dictionary.
1100 word added to user dictionary.
1101 problem writing to user dictionary.
1102 field 8 is the learning mode part 2
1103 looking in user dictionary.
1104 problem reading user dictionary.
1105 UDP Initialize Winsock2 DLL.
1106 UDP Create TX and RX sockets.
1107 UDP bind and configure the RX socket.
1108 UDP Data packet TX packets sent.
1109 UDP Data packet TX packets sent.
1110 UDP Invalid socket.
1111 UDP Data packet RX received packets, field 8 is UDP packet new message.
1112 UDP password ok.
1113 UDP i-i or o-i.
1114 UDP i-o or o-o.
1115 UDP closedown routine.
1116 send screen using udp.
1117 receive screen using udp.
1118 open web browser.
1119 see if browser is open.
1120 open browser program.
1121 pattern recognition noun or pronoun found.
1122 adverb or predictive found.
1123 field 8 is the NNEB output.
1124 field 8 is the LM output.
1125 field 8 is the NNEC output.
1126 field 8 is the DT output.
1127 field 8 is the DID output.
1128 field 8 is the sentence code.
1129 memory scan rejected for the word.
1130 memory scan word found in stm all words.
1130 memory scan word found in stm words larger than 2 char.
1131 memory scan word found in stm words larger than 2 char and more.
1132 look in subject, field 8 is the Subject output.
1133 not in BD.
1134 noun found and word in BD.
1135 verb found.
1136 subject word found.
1137 expected in input.
1138 expected in input something to do with the file field.
1139 expected in input 2.
1140 expected in input 2 else.
1141 number of bad words found.
1142 read log.
1143 problem reading log file.
1144 search text file.
1145 problem reading search file.
1146 download file routine activated DownLoadFile.
1147 used to stop graph drawing when idle set to zero on each input then increments to 255 then reset to 0.
1148 Download file, error creating file.
1149 Download file, error downloading file.
1150 keyword found.
1151 playplaylist.
1152 Mp3Sound play mp3 number of tracks played.
1153 NNE Matrix file read FAIL.
1154 ReadCounter(1) USB card.
1155 ReadCounter(2) USB card.
1156 incoming window message.
1157 USB card analogue input ONE.
1158 USB card analogue input TWO.
1159 Analog 1 average.
1160 Analog 2 average.
1161 Chakra 1.
1162 Chakra 2.
1163 Chakra 3.
1164 Chakra 4.
1165 Chakra 5.
1166 Chakra 6.
1167 Chakra 7 Thought.
1168 Process time, time it takes to process an input, seconds converted to binary code, also know as Gap In Time (GIT).
Field 8 is the Pass value.
1169 changed inputs.
1170 changed outputs.
1171 day.
1172 month.
1173 year.
1174 minute.
1175 hour.
1176 digital channel in last 3 nodes used for inputs 3,4 and 5 eg. if button 3 is pressed the code is 000000100, 4=000000010 5=000000001
1177 activated if face is on used to control face drawing.
1178 activated during say print routine so you can do more with the output. If the SayPrint routine has been invoked from a brain cell activation then cell 1178 isn't activated in order to prevent corruption in brain cell activation flow.
Activating this cell at the SayPrint routine enables much more flexibility with the answer. Using this new way of processing the output is due to replace the write output to file field in settings.The input code records nothing at this moment but it still resets to 000000000.
1179 Brain Cell Errors records the number of cell word entries that are empty. There is a tricky to track down bug that sometimes causes Brain Cell entries to disappear. This is used to help collect data for debugging. In cell value node 1 is the number of empty entries node 2 to cell is the previous number of entries with errors.
The other 7 numbers are the first 7 cell entry numbers that have errors.
1180 OpenBrowser.
1200 + word codes from field 4, eg 1200 + 2 = 1202 if field 4 of an entry is 2 then this means the word is a noun. At this time there are 130 defined word types i am experimenting with using this data for document analysis.
1500 input code = code created from Ai input set in sub routine: NNUseAiInput, node 1 = B word, n2=noun, n3=adjective, n4=verb, n5=adverb, n6=you yours, n7=question, n8=sc"j" f4=71,n9=f4=47 and other things!
1501 nne default settings used when a word is added automatically to the nne. When the Ai starts the weights file is read, if the file cant be read then a new file called defalt.nnw is created.
1504 input code nodes 1 to 8 used to set digital channel outs 1 to 8 if keyword doutnneon has been activated.
1505 cell activated every time activation if keyword nneontimeron is on, nneontimeroff turns off cell activation.
1506 cell activated when a new window or udp message is received. Only activated if nneonudpon keyword has been used to turn cell activation on.
1507 cell activated every timer loop if keyword nneonloopon is on, nneonloopoff turns off cell activation.
1508 default cell if DT learning cell = 0 then its changed to 1508.
1509 the input code is created from the value of the characters in the sentence code. This is similar to cell 1500 but the code is generated in a different way. 1500 is limited to certain word types 1509 is affected by all types so has a much more varied value than 1500. Field 8 holds the input.
1510 USB to DMX activates cells to dmx scan, nne cells input code is used to set the dmx channels if a cell between numbers 1511 to 1599 is activated then the scan is activated.
1511 to 1599 DMX channels 1 to 88.
1511 DMX channel 1 input code used to set value bits 1 to 8 used if bit 9 set then value set to 255. channels 1 to 88 are used.
1599 DMX channel 88.
1600 keyword searchfilein9 if string found input code set to 110000000 if no 001100000.
or if string is found the input code is changed to the number of times found otherwise its set to 000000000. If cell entry field 9 has <log> in it then then today's log is used for searching.
1601 NNE event, the NNE is constantly receiving inputs this cell records the event count. The input code is the number of events. It is updated every time there is a change from the normal. Keyword nneeventon turns on activation of the cell when an event change value is recorded to the cells input, nneeventoff turns off cell 1601 activation.
1602 activated on input if Activate 1602 on input is ticked in settings. The cell is activated just before the input is processed and before other functions that happen on input. Cell 1509 field 8 is set to the input before 1602 is activated.
1603 analog output 1, the input code is used to set the analog output value on the k8055 card.
1604 analog output 2 , the input code is used to set the analog output value on the k8055 card.
1605 Grammar filter in the Output filter. The Grammar filter sorts the outputted words into some sort of correct english. Following grammatical rules the input code of cell 1605 controls which functions are filtered.
If set to 1 the filter is used for the specified process.

wsb 6p lm2 nnec dt did lm qnv number
1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 0

field 11 are words to exclude from the output. This filter is the last process in the routine and removes repeat spaces and any words in field 11 from the output, Useful if web codes or junk words get through all other filtering processes.
Operation field is the percentage value used by Output Filter Function 4 (OF FN4). If the output from OF FN4 is higher than the percentage value then the OF FN4 output is used otherwise the output from OF FN2 is used instead. If Operation field is 0 then it is assumed that it hasn't been set and the percentage value is set to 50%.
1606 Sentence Types, field 7 is the subject word, field 8 is the object, field 10 is the output codes. The in cell fields hold the cell numbers of the previous 9 subjects and objects.
1607 input code used by scan image functions for mode 18 dark side of gray scale.
1608 input code used by scan image functions for mode 18 medium of gray scale.
1609 input code used by scan image functions for mode 18 light side of gray scale.
1610 input code used by scan image functions mode 19 left four bits represent vertical line detection sensitivity right four bits represent horizontal line detection sensitivity.
1611 activated when a match is found by image scan functions keyword ISF. The input code is the number of times the code has been found. The SwopVar variable is set to the ISF code. If 2w is found in the code then cell 1616 is activated instead.
1612 input code holds the light dark count of the image, values over 255 are light and below are dark.
1613 input code holds the vertical code created by a ImageScanFunctions keyword this is created when the type value is set to 1 it shows where in the vertical plane something is detected
1614 the input code is the emotion value, numbers higher than 5 are positive below 5 negative. The value is set by the emotion tags <v:5> where the number is the associated emotion. 5 = neutral.
If mode = 0 then the Word Swopper (WS) output is used if no emotion is found, if mode = 1 then only the emotion is used if mode = 2 then only the WS output is used
1615 used by the Word Swopper (WS) process. Field 8 is the WS output. The WS swops nouns and verbs in the inputted sentence. The nouns and the verbs used are the next noun or verb found in the BD.
EMS: is the id in scroll output.
1616 similar to cell 1611. The cell is activated when a match is found by image scan functions ISF, but is only activated if the object tracing processes completes giving a code 2w. The Order field is the sensitivity, the number here is multiplied by 10 then if the number of pixels used to outline an object is higher than this number then the cell is activated. The more pixels the bigger the outline.
1617 this cell is used for the default settings of added cells when added by <lookup-ac-add> tag SwopVar needs to be set before this will work.
1618 swop cell used by the = process when changing a word to another word using the = sign eg dog=cat will swop the two cells so the cell numbers point to the other word. If the second word isn't found then the cell word of the first word is changed to the new word.
1619 Decision this function works only when the tag <i=cell:1619> is used. When 1619 then the decision process is activated. The process uses the analog input or the random number generator to make a decision.
The signal is sampled 49 times (7x7) if the signal tends to rise then the answer is YES if it tends to move down then the answer is NO
If the Mode field = 1 then only the random number generator is used.
If the Operation field is 1 then channel one is used, if anything else then channel 2 is used.
The input code is changed if
YES = 110000000
NO = 001100000
Ambivalent or both same = 000011000
Both 0 or no signal = 000000110
1620 used for default RAS cell when a new RAS word is added to BD some fields are set by the RAS process.
1621 next available cell.

The following cells contain outputs and inputs created when an input is processed.
1006 field 8 is the RAS output.
1009 field 8 is the TF outputs.
1010 field 8 is pattern output.
1012 field 8 is the parameters output.
1029 field 8 is the NNE output.
1031 field 8 is the QI output.
1032 field 8 is the QNV output.
1041 field 8 is the 6p output.
1042 field 8 SayPrint output the main output inserted just before 1178 is activated in the SayPrint routine
1102 field 8 is the learning mode part 2 update help with this
1111 field 8 is UDP packet new message.
1123 field 8 is the NNEB output.
1124 field 8 is the LM output.
1125 field 8 is the NNEC output.
1126 field 8 is the DT output.
1127 field 8 is the DID output.
1128 field 8 is the sentence code.
1132 field 8 is the SUB subject output.
1168 field 8 is the Pass value.
1509 field 8 holds the input.