AudioESP Overview

SoundMAX AudioESP

AudioESP™ Overview

Your computer’s SoundMAX audio includes AudioESP, which allows your computer to automatically detect audio devices being plugged into your computer and unplugged from your computer. When you plug your speakers into your computer, AudioESP detects the speakers and will help you configure your computer, if needed, to work with the speakers. AudioESP also helps set up microphones, headphones, portable MP3 players, and other devices.

Many devices plugged into the computer look alike, so AudioESP can not always know which type of device you plugged in. Just to be sure, AudioESP must ask you what kind of device you plugged in.

When you plug a device into a supported1,2 jack, a small window appears on your screen showing what kind of device the computer thinks you plugged in. If this is correct, press the OK button. If it’s incorrect, select the actual device from the list of devices and press OK. AudioESP will then check if the device is plugged into the correct jack. If you’ve plugged the device into the wrong jack, AudioESP will tell you and show you a picture of the correct jack to use for that device.

In some cases, the device might be in the correct jack, but the computer's audio setup needs to be changed to allow the device to work properly. On some computers, the same jack can be used for multiple purposes. The pink jack is sometimes used for either a microphone or the center/subwoofer speakers in a 6-speaker setup. The blue jack is sometimes used for either an external playback device (such as a portable MP3 player) or for the “surround” speakers in a 6-speaker setup or a 4-speaker setup.


1For systems with five audio jacks, plugging in or out devices on the Surround and Center/Subwoofer are not automatically detected. However, peripherals plugged into these jacks will be detected and identified when Windows starts (assuming “Detect New Devices On Startup” option is enabled.)

2SPDIF (digital output to receivers and digital speaker systems) is not detected by the AudioESP system.