AudioESP Settings

SoundMAX AudioESP

AudioESP Settings

If SoundMAX Control Panel is installed on your system, then AudioESP settings can be found on the General Preferences tab of the SoundMAX Control Panel. Otherwise, they can be reached through the Windows Start menu by selecting SoundMAX, and then SoundMAX AudioESP.


Enable AudioESP

If this box is checked, SoundMAX AudioESP will detect audio devices as they are connected or disconnected from the system.

If this box is unchecked, SoundMAX AudioESP will not detect when audio devices are connected or disconnected.


Detect New Devices on Startup

If this box is checked, then upon startup, SoundMAX AudioESP will detect all audio devices that were connected or disconnected while the system was shut down. 


Show Disconnection Messages

If this box is checked, SoundMAX AudioESP will display a message whenever a device is disconnected.


Change Speaker Configuration Automatically

If this box is checked, AudioESP will automatically change speaker configuration to match the devices you have plugged into the jacks.