Button Actions and Tap Zones Properties Pages

Synaptics TouchPad

Button Actions and Tap Zones Properties Pages

Getting Started


The Tap Zones and Button Actions properties pages allow you to assign custom actions to TouchPad physical buttons or to taps in the Touchpad’s corner zone regions (or tap zone regions). See Customize Buttons and Taps for more information.

The Synaptics TouchPad driver may also control other pointing devices attached to your system. If the Synaptics TouchPad driver is controlling more than one pointing device on your system, the Synaptics pages on the Mouse control panel will have a drop-down box listing all of the pointing devices that are controlled. You may set separate settings for each by selecting the appropriate device (settings which don’t apply to a particular pointing device will be grayed out).

Customizing the Tap Zones

When the tap zones are enabled, each tap inside a corresponding tap zone region on your TouchPad can have a different meaning or action. For example, you can define the upper right corner tap zone to mean right clicks. Then when you tap your finger on the upper right corner of your TouchPad, it is as if you are clicking the right mouse or TouchPad button.

This page includes a small map of the TouchPad with the active tap zones highlighted. Next to each zone is a text box specifying the action for that zone. See the Tap Zones TouchPad Map for a more detailed description.

To Customize:

·To activate the corner tap zones, check the box next to the text Enable Tap Zones. An unchecked box means that all taps on every part of the TouchPad surface will have left-click behavior.

·To change an action for a particular zone, locate the text box nearest the zone. The text box displays the current action for this zone (for example, it might say No Zone which means that this particular zone is disabled and any taps here will produce the default left-click action). Click on the down arrow button { } located to the right of the text to display a list of actions. Select the desired action.

·Each tap zone can be resized to be as large or as small as you desire by dragging one of the black resize handles located on the TouchPad map .

Customizing Button Assignments

You can customize the TouchPad buttons in the same way that you customize the tap zones.

To Customize:

·Each button has a text box that displays the current action (for example, it might say Left, which means the left-click or primary-click action). To display a list of possible actions, click on the down arrow button { } located to the right of the text. Select the desired action.