1. Overview


4.    How to build and execute

In this section, we shall describe the way to build, download and execute SH7619 EVB solution available in the porting kit with NOR Flash Memory and SDRAM.

4.1                How to Build

1) Using Command-line prompt, change the directory to “Solutions\SH7619_EVB”

    C:\MicroFrameworkPK_v4_1>cd solutions\SH7619_EVB

2) Run

    Msbuild dotnetmf.proj /t:build /p:flavor=debug;EnableTcpIp=true;TCP_IP_STACK=LWIP

      Flavor: <debug|release|rtm>
EnableTCPIP : <ture|false>
TCP_IP_STACK : LWIP      If you want to use RTIP, don’t need to add TCP_IP_STACK.

      If you want to debug your program using E10A-USB Emulator, please specify “debug” for “flavor” option.




4.2                Board switch settings

  Set SW1 of the SH7619 EVB board as below to startup from NOR Flash.





ON (Low)



OFF (High)



ON (Low)



ON (Low)



ON (Low)



  The meaning of above setting is below,

-         Clock mode

Clock Mode is MODE2.

Each frequency is below,

- Crystal 15.36MHz

- CPU 15.36MHz

  FRQCR register is set by software as 0x1103 so CPU frequency will be 122.88MHz.

- BUS 61.44MHz

- Peripheral 30.72MHz


-         CS0 Memory bus width

16 Bit


-         Endian

Big endian






4.3                Download using E10A-USB

1) Setup the E10A-USB Emulator

     Install the E10A-USB Emulator software into your PC.

During install, you should select the device group for E10A-USB then specify “Super H RISC engine family SH-2 device group”


2) How to start downloading using E10A-USB

Extract the HEW workspace for SH7619 EVB Porting Kit from file SH7619board.zip at any place in your PC.    

In the following instructions, we will assume it is installed in “c:\workspace”

Start the Hew with choosing below menu

Figure 4.1   Hew menu

Then Hew will be show up and you can see below dialog box.

Specify the workspace as below, and press OK button.

Figure 4.2   Welcome dialog box



In below dialog box, choose “SH7619”.

Figure 4.3   CPU Select dialog box

When below message shows up, power ON the target board and then press OK button.

Figure 4.4   heu7618 dialog box

Then Hew/E10A-USB will finish connection with SH7619.

Figure 4.5   Hew window

3) How to download the program to the flash memory

 i) Prepare the download module.

  Select the [Debug] -> [Debug Settings…] from the menu bar of Hew then below dialog box will show up.

Figure 4.6   Debug Settings dialog box

Here is the definition of download modules. Please change the Path setting for each download module by clicking “Modify” button.


 ii) Prepare for downloading to Flash Memory.

  Select the [Setup] -> [Emulator] -> [System…] from the menu bar of Hew then “Configuration” dialog box will show up.

  Select “Loading flash memory” tab. Then, specify as same as below figure.

For “File name”, please specify

   <Workspace folder>\SH7619board\Tools\4MB\fmtool.mot.


Figure 4.7   Configuration dialog box


 ii) CPU and memory initialization

 In order to download data to flash properly, CPU and memory should be initialized as following.

  -CPU : Cache must be disabled.
   -Memory : SDRAM must be initialized.

In order to initialize them, run the batch file as below,

   -Specify the batch file

Figure 4.8   Set Batch File



 On the command line window, do the right clicking so that the popup menu shows up.

  Select “Set Batch file…” and specify the batch file name like below,

Figure 4.9   Set Batch File



   -Run the batch file

       After specify the batch file, please press “Play” button so that batch file starts to run.


iii) Download module to Flash


Figure 4.10   Hew window



In order to download, double click on the name of the download module which you want to download to flash. It takes more than 30 seconds.

In the case of downloading TinyCLR, please select tinyclr.abs instead of nativesample.abs.