Main window


Main window

The main window has been created to be similar to the original regedit for ease of use, with some additions:

  • It also contains an address bar that you can use as a history (select keys you did display earlier), and to type in or paste an address where you want to go to.
  • A Security Information tab that will display the access rights for the selected key (Available on Windows NT, 2000 and XP only).
  • New is also the Info database which can contain information from a user-specific or a pre-shipped database about the currently selected key and/or value. You can edit this information by starting to type in some new text - a Save button will appear.
    A future release of RegAlyzer will contain a database browser allowing you to browse the list of available information.
  • The Bookmarks menu is an extended version of the regedit Favorites menu and allows a hierarchical view.
  • The Languages menu will allow you to select a different language.

Keyboard shortcuts

There are a few keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up usage. In the key treeview you can navigate like in any other tree, plus:

  • Ins inserts a new key.
  • Del deletes the currently selected key.
  • F2 allows you to rename a key.
  • F5 refresh the view.
  • Ctrl+B adds the current key as a bookmark.

Similar shortcuts are available in the value list on the right:

  • Ins opens the popup menu that allows to add new values.
  • Del deletes the currently selected value.
  • Enter opens a dialog to edit the data.
  • F2 allows you to rename a value.
  • F5 refresh the view.

In addition to those there are some shortcuts that work all over the main window:

  • Ctrl+F opens the search window.
  • Ctrl+J allows you to enter an address that you want to open.
  • Ctrl+M opens the bookmark manager.
  • Ctrl+O allows you to open an external reg file.