Welcome to RegAlyzer


RegAlyzer Freeware, ©'2000-2003 Patrick Michael Kolla

RegAlyzer is an utility to browse and change the registry. It adds some features that we missed in the original regedit provided by Microsoft. These features are:

  • An improved search function. RegAlyzer allows you to browse the search results while the search is still running, and to export the search results into a reg file. Also, wildcard and boolean search can be used.
  • Hierarchical bookmark support. With RegAlyzer, you can sort your bookmarks in folders.
  • Jumps. By using a command line parameter or pasting the address into the address field, you can jump to a specific address.
  • Binary DWord edit. RegAlyzer displays (and allows you to edit) DWords in decimal, hexadecimal and binary format.
  • Support of QWords. The original regedit could edit these 64-bit integer values, but could not add new ones.
  • Display of reg files. RegAlyzer can display the contents of reg files in a tree structure without the need to import them first.
  • Limited Unicode support under Windows 9x. RegAlyzer can read version 5 reg files under Windows 9x.
  • Low-level security settings display. Security settings for keys (Windows NT, 2000 and XP only) are displayed in a more basic structure than the rights manager of regedit.

A few features are still missing, but will be added for upcoming releases.