RTC: Overview

Real Time Clock



RTC module tracks time with separate registers for hours,minutes and seconds. The calendar registers track date, time, month and year with automatic leap year correction.

RTC is capable of running from an alternate source of power, so it can continue to keep time while the primary source of power is off or unavailable.
The timer remains operational when core domain is in power down mode.

The kernel part of the RTC keeps running as long as the hibernate domain is powered with an alternate supply source.
The APP allows the user to configure the current date and time, as well as alarm settings, through GUI and at runtime using APIs.

On XMC4000, the timer event and alarm event can be used to trigger the SCU interrupt or NMI(Non Maskable Interrupt).

The features of Real Time Clock module are:

Precise real time keeping with

  • 32.768 kHz external crystal clock
  • 32.768 kHz high precision internal crystal clock
  • Periodic time base interrupt
  • Programmable alarm interrupt on time match

Note: In XMC1000, there is only a single power domain (no hibernate domain is present).

Figure 1 : HW and SW connectivity view of RTC APP

Wake-up mechanism from hibernate state is not supported in this APP version.

Supported Devices

  1. XMC4800/XMC4700 Series
  2. XMC4500 Series
  3. XMC4400 Series
  4. XMC4300 Series
  5. XMC4200 / XMC4100 Series
  6. XMC1400 Series
  7. XMC1300 Series
  8. XMC1200 Series
  9. XMC1100 Series


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  2. XMC4500 Reference Manual
  3. XMC4400 Reference Manual
  4. XMC4300 Reference Manual
  5. XMC4200 / XMC4100 Reference Manual
  6. XMC1400 Reference Manual
  7. XMC1300 Reference Manual
  8. XMC1200 Reference Manual
  9. XMC1100 Reference Manual