Working with HostExplorer Quick Scripts

Quick Script Editor

Working with HostExplorer Quick Scripts

Quick Script Editor is a tool designed to automate repetitive or tedious tasks. It has the following functions and capabilities:

    • declares variables
    • creates labels
    • controls execution flow of Quick Script commands
    • shows Quick Script details
    • creates pop-up messages

For example, you can:

    • Modify time-outs and delays to account for slower connections.
    • Remove Send Keystrokes containing private information (for example, passwords) and replace with a command that generates a prompt dialog box.

Using the Quick Script Recorder, you can record keystrokes, hotspot clicking, and other session events directly in the host session window. You can also record a Quick Script at startup to include operations that occur prior to a connection.

Sample files of 3270 Quick Scripts are available in the Accessories\QuickScript directory where your user files are stored on your machine.

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