Launching Quick Script Editor

Quick Script Editor

Launching Quick Script Editor

Quick Script Editor, which lets you work with either HostExplorer or FTP Quick Scripts, can be launched in various ways. The menus and toolbars vary depending on what type of script you are creating and/or modifying.

  Quick Scripts are emulation-specific. For example, a VT Quick Script functions properly only when launched from a VT session. To switch to a different Quick Script type, click New on the File menu and specify a different type.

To launch Quick Script Editor from the program shortcut:

Click the Windows Start menu, navigate to the Hummingbird Connectivity/Accessories program group, and then click Quick Script Editor.

To launch Quick Script Editor from HostExplorer:

Tip:  For more information on connecting to a host, see the HostExplorer Help.

  1. Using HostExplorer, connect to a host.
  2. On the Tools menu of the session window, point to Quick Script, and click Edit.

The Quick Script Editor opens displaying a toolbar and menus specific to HostExplorer Quick Scripts.

  If you want to start working with FTP Quick Scripts, you need to either open an existing one or create one in Quick Script Editor.

To launch the Quick Script Editor from Hummingbird Neighborhood:

  1. Launch Hummingbird Neighborhood by double-clicking on the Hummingbird Neighborhood icon on your desktop.
  2. On the Hummingbird menu, click Quick Scripts.

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