Safety warning

Pico ADC-16

Safety warning

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We strongly recommend that you read the general safety information below before using your product for the first time.  If the equipment is not used in the manner specified, then the protection provided may be impaired.  This could result in damage to your computer and/or injury to yourself or others.

Maximum input range

The ADC-16 is designed to measure voltages in the range -2.5V to +2.5V.  Any voltages in excess of ±30V may cause permanent damage to the unit.

Mains (line) voltages

No Pico products are designed for use with mains (line) voltages.  To measure mains we recommend the use of a differential isolating probe specifically designed for such measurements.

Safety grounding

The ground of every product is connected directly to the ground of your computer via the provided interconnecting cable.  This is done in order to minimise interference.  Always use the provided cable to attach the product to your computer.

As with most oscilloscopes and data loggers, you should take care to avoid connecting the ground input of the product to anything which may be at some voltage other than ground.  If in doubt, use a meter to check that there is no significant AC or DC voltage.  Failure to check may cause damage to the product and/or computer and could cause injury to yourself or others.

You should assume that the product does not have a protective safety earth.  Misuse or use on voltages outside the maximum input range can be hazardous.


The unit contains no user serviceable parts: repair or calibration of the unit requires specialised test equipment and must be performed by Pico Technology Limited or their authorised distributors.