Connecting to a PC

Pico ADC-16

Connecting to a PC

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To use the ADC-16 you should connect the 9-pin connector on the ADC-16 to a spare serial port on your computer using the cable provided. If you have a 25-way serial port, use the 9 to 25 way adapter supplied.

To check that the unit is working:


1.Start up PicoLog for Windows
2.Select File
3.Select New Settings
4.At the Recording dialog, click OK
5.At the Sampling dialog, click OK
6.Set the converter type to ADC-16
7.Select the COM port to which you have connected the ADC-16
8.Click OK
9.At the ADC-16 channels dialog, double-click CH1 Unused
10.At the Edit ADC-16 channel dialog, click OK
11.Back at the ADC-16 channels dialog, click OK
12.The recorder view should now display the voltage on channel 1 (near 0 mV if nothing connected)
13.Next, connect a suitable voltage (e.g. from a 1.5 V battery) to the channel.  Pin connections are marked on the ADC-16 and also listed here.