OSX MotionFX Software Library: osxMFX_knobs Struct Reference

OSX MotionFX

Data Fields

float ATime
float MTime
float FrTime
unsigned char LMode
float gbias_mag_th_sc_6X
float gbias_acc_th_sc_6X
float gbias_gyro_th_sc_6X
float gbias_mag_th_sc_9X
float gbias_acc_th_sc_9X
float gbias_gyro_th_sc_9X
unsigned char modx
char acc_orientation [QNUM_AXES]
char gyro_orientation [QNUM_AXES]
char mag_orientation [QNUM_AXES]
osxMFX_Engine_Output_Ref_Sys output_type
int start_automatic_gbias_calculation

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