Realizing Nero BurnRights on your system

Nero BurnRights

Realizing Nero BurnRights on your system

Nero BurnRights will show up as icon in the control panel after executing the installer file. It will give you these three options:

  1. Only Administrators will have burnrights.
    (This is the default setting of Windows 2000 and Windows XP)
  2. All declared users will be able to burn
  3. Only administrators and a selected group of users will have the right to burn.
    (This option is not available on XP home edition)
    This option distinguishes between usergrous, which are allowed to burn, and usergrous, which are not allowed to burn.
    The default name for the group with burnrights is "Nero".
    Any user can be added to this 'privileged' group anytime, if you proceed following steps:
    Click on:
    Start->Settings->Administration Tools->Computer Management->Local Users and Groups->Groups
    Choose the group 'Nero' and add the preferred user to this group.


  • Below you will find the description of what to do in case the group has a different name.
  • The group will be set up automatically, if it wasn't there beforehand.

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