NI PXI-6514 Supported Properties


NI PXI-6514 Supported Properties

DAQmx Buffer Properties

Input:Buffer Size

DAQmx Channel Properties

Active Channels (if subset)
Digital Input:Invert Lines
Digital Input:Number of Lines
Digital Input:Digital Filter:Enable
Digital Input:Digital Filter:Minimum Pulse Width
Digital Input:Tristate
Digital Input:General Properties:Advanced:Data Transfer and Memory:Memory Mapping for Programmed IO Enable
Digital Output:Invert Lines
Digital Output:Number of Lines
Digital Output:General Properties:Advanced:Data Transfer and Memory:Memory Mapping for Programmed IO Enable
General Properties:Channel Type
General Properties:Physical Channel Name
General Properties:Description
General Properties:Is Global

DAQmx Read Properties

Channels to Read
Waveform Attributes
Read All Available Samples
Auto Start
OverWrite Mode
Status:Current Read Position
Status:Available Samples Per Channel
Status:Total Samples Per Channel Acquired
Advanced:Raw Data Width
Advanced:Number of Channels
Advanced:Digital Input:Number of Booleans Per Channel
Advanced:Wait Mode
Advanced:Sleep Time

DAQmx Timing Properties

Sample Quantity:Sample Mode
Sample Quantity:Samples Per Channel
Sample Timing Type
Change Detection:Digital Input:Rising Edge Physical Channels
Change Detection:Digital Input:Falling Edge Physical Channels

DAQmx Watchdog Properties

Expiration States:Active Physical Channels
Expiration States:Digital Output:Expiration State

DAQmx Write Properties

Relative To
Regeneration Mode
Status:Current Write Position
Status:Space Available in Buffer
Status:Total Samples Per Channel Generated
Advanced:Raw Data Width
Advanced:Number of Channels
Advanced:Wait Mode
Advanced:Sleep Time
Advanced:Next Write Is Last
Advanced:Digital Output:Number of Booleans Per Channel

DAQmx Physical Channel Properties

Active Physical Channels
Digital Input:Port Width
Digital Input:Timing:Sample Clock Supported
Digital Input:Timing:Change Detection Supported
Digital Output:Port Width
Digital Output:Timing:Sample Clock Supported
TEDS:Model Number
TEDS:Serial Number
TEDS:Version Number
TEDS:Version Letter

DAQmx Timing Source Properties

Active Timing Source
Timing Source Type
Digital Change Detection:Rising Edge Physical Channels
Digital Change Detection:Falling Edge Physical Channels
Signal From Task:Signal