NI PCI-6713 Supported Properties


NI PCI-6713 Supported Properties

DAQmx Buffer Properties

Input:Buffer Size Output:Buffer Size
Output:Onboard Buffer Size

DAQmx Calibration Info Properties

Active Device
Self Calibration:Is Supported
Self Calibration:Last Self Calibration Date/Time
Self Calibration:Last Self Calibration Temperature
External Calibration:Recommended Interval
External Calibration:Last External Calibration Date/Time
External Calibration:Last External Calibration Temperature
User-Defined Information:Information
User-Defined Information:Max Size
More:Device Temperature

DAQmx Channel Properties

Active Channels (if subset)
Analog Output:Maximum Value
Analog Output:Minimum Value
Analog Output:Custom Scale Name
Analog Output:Output Type
Analog Output:Voltage:Units
Analog Output:General Properties:Output Configuration:Terminal Configuration
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Resolution Units
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Resolution Value
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Range:High
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Range:Low
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Reference Voltage:Connect DAC Reference to Ground
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Reference Voltage:Allow Connecting DAC Reference to Ground at Runtime
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Reference Voltage:Source
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Reference Voltage:External Source
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Reference Voltage:Value
Analog Output:General Properties:DAC:Reglitching Enable
Analog Output:General Properties:Advanced:Data Transfer and Memory:Use Only Onboard Memory
Analog Output:General Properties:Advanced:Data Transfer and Memory:Data Transfer Mechanism
Analog Output:General Properties:Advanced:Data Transfer and Memory:Data Transfer Request Condition
Analog Output:General Properties:Advanced:Data Transfer and Memory:Memory Mapping for Programmed IO Enable
Analog Output:General Properties:Advanced:Device Scaling Coefficients:Device Scaling Coefficients
Digital Input:Invert Lines
Digital Input:Number of Lines
Digital Input:Tristate
Digital Output:Invert Lines
Digital Output:Number of Lines
Digital Output:Tristate
Counter Input:Maximum Value
Counter Input:Minimum Value
Counter Input:Custom Scale Name
Counter Input:Measurement Type
Counter Input:Frequency:Units
Counter Input:Frequency:Input Terminal
Counter Input:Frequency:Starting Edge
Counter Input:Frequency:Measurement Specifications:Method
Counter Input:Frequency:Measurement Specifications:High Frequency:Measurement Time
Counter Input:Frequency:Measurement Specifications:Large Range:Divisor
Counter Input:Period:Units
Counter Input:Period:Input Terminal
Counter Input:Period:Starting Edge
Counter Input:Period:Measurement Specifications:Method
Counter Input:Period:Measurement Specifications:High Frequency:Measurement Time
Counter Input:Period:Measurement Specifications:Large Range:Divisor
Counter Input:Count Edges:Input Terminal
Counter Input:Count Edges:Count Direction:Direction
Counter Input:Count Edges:Initial Count
Counter Input:Count Edges:Active Edge
Counter Input:Pulse Width:Units
Counter Input:Pulse Width:Input Terminal
Counter Input:Pulse Width:Starting Edge
Counter Input:Semi-Period:Units
Counter Input:Semi-Period:Input Terminal
Counter Input:General Properties:Counter Timebase:Source
Counter Input:General Properties:Counter Timebase:Rate
Counter Input:General Properties:Counter Timebase:Active Edge
Counter Input:General Properties:More:Count
Counter Input:General Properties:More:Output State
Counter Input:General Properties:More:Terminal Count Reached
Counter Input:General Properties:More:Counter Timebase Master Timebase Divisor
Counter Input:General Properties:More:Advanced:Data Transfer and Memory:Data Transfer Mechanism
Counter Input:General Properties:More:Advanced:Data Transfer and Memory:Number Of Possibly Invalid Samples
Counter Output:Output Type
Counter Output:Pulse:Idle State
Counter Output:Pulse:Output Terminal
Counter Output:Pulse:Time:Units
Counter Output:Pulse:Time:High Time
Counter Output:Pulse:Time:Low Time
Counter Output:Pulse:Time:Initial Delay
Counter Output:Pulse:Frequency:Duty Cycle
Counter Output:Pulse:Frequency:Units
Counter Output:Pulse:Frequency:Frequency
Counter Output:Pulse:Frequency:Initial Delay
Counter Output:Pulse:Ticks:High Ticks
Counter Output:Pulse:Ticks:Low Ticks
Counter Output:Pulse:Ticks:Initial Delay
Counter Output:General Properties:Counter Timebase:Source
Counter Output:General Properties:Counter Timebase:Rate
Counter Output:General Properties:Counter Timebase:Active Edge
Counter Output:General Properties:More:Count
Counter Output:General Properties:More:Output State
Counter Output:General Properties:More:Auto Increment Count
Counter Output:General Properties:More:Counter Timebase Master Timebase Divisor
Counter Output:General Properties:More:Pulse Done
Counter Output:General Properties:More:Advanced:Ready For New Value
General Properties:Channel Type
General Properties:Physical Channel Name
General Properties:Description
General Properties:Is Global

DAQmx Export Signal Properties

Clocks:20MHz Timebase:Output Terminal
Clocks:Sample Clock:Output Terminal
Triggers:Start Trigger:Output Terminal
Events:Counter Output Event:Output Terminal
Events:Counter Output Event:Output Behavior
Events:Counter Output Event:Pulse:Polarity
Events:Counter Output Event:Toggle:Idle State

DAQmx Device Properties

Active Device
Device Is Simulated
Identification:Product Category
Identification:Product Type
Identification:Product Number
Identification:Device Serial Number
Chassis:Module Device Names
Analog Triggering Supported
Digital Triggering Supported
I/O Type:Analog Input:Physical Channels
I/O Type:Analog Output:Physical Channels
I/O Type:Analog Output:Timing:Sample Clock Supported
I/O Type:Analog Output:Timing:Maximum Rate
I/O Type:Analog Output:Timing:Minimum Rate
I/O Type:Analog Output:Trigger:Trigger Usage
I/O Type:Analog Output:Voltage:Ranges
I/O Type:Digital Input:Lines
I/O Type:Digital Input:Ports
I/O Type:Digital Output:Lines
I/O Type:Digital Output:Ports
I/O Type:Counter Input:Physical Channels
I/O Type:Counter Input:Trigger:Trigger Usage
I/O Type:Counter Input:Timing:Sample Clock Supported
I/O Type:Counter Input:Maximum Size
I/O Type:Counter Input:Maximum Timebase
I/O Type:Counter Output:Physical Channels
I/O Type:Counter Output:Trigger:Trigger Usage
I/O Type:Counter Output:Maximum Size
I/O Type:Counter Output:Maximum Timebase
Location:Bus Type
Bus:Number of DMA Channels
Location:PCI:Bus Number
Location:PCI:Device Number
Location:PXI:Chassis Number
Location:PXI:Slot Number
Location:CompactDAQ:Chassis Device Name
Location:CompactDAQ:Slot Number

DAQmx Read Properties

Channels to Read
Waveform Attributes
Read All Available Samples
Auto Start
OverWrite Mode
Status:Current Read Position
Status:Available Samples Per Channel
Status:Total Samples Per Channel Acquired
Advanced:Raw Data Width
Advanced:Number of Channels
Advanced:Digital Input:Number of Booleans Per Channel
Advanced:Wait Mode
Advanced:Sleep Time

DAQmx Real-Time Properties

Convert Late Errors To Warnings
Number Of Warmup Iterations
Wait For Next Sample Clock Wait Mode
Write Recovery Mode

DAQmx Timing Properties

Sample Quantity:Sample Mode
Sample Quantity:Samples Per Channel
Sample Timing Type
Sample Clock:Rate
Sample Clock:Source
Sample Clock:Active Edge
Sample Clock:Timebase Divisor
Sample Clock:Timebase:Rate
Sample Clock:Timebase:Source
Sample Clock:Timebase:Active Edge
Sample Clock:Timebase:Master Timebase Divisor
On Demand:Simultaneous Analog Output Enable
More:Master Timebase:Rate
More:Master Timebase:Source

DAQmx Trigger Properties

Start:Trigger Type
Start:Digital Edge:Source
Start:Digital Edge:Edge
Start:More:Delay Units
More:Pause:Trigger Type
More:Pause:Digital Level:Source
More:Pause:Digital Level:Pause When

DAQmx Write Properties

Relative To
Regeneration Mode
Status:Current Write Position
Status:Space Available in Buffer
Status:Total Samples Per Channel Generated
Advanced:Raw Data Width
Advanced:Number of Channels
Advanced:Wait Mode
Advanced:Sleep Time
Advanced:Next Write Is Last
Advanced:Digital Output:Number of Booleans Per Channel

DAQmx Physical Channel Properties

Active Physical Channels
Analog Output:Output Configuration:Terminal Configurations
Digital Input:Port Width
Digital Input:Timing:Sample Clock Supported
Digital Input:Timing:Change Detection Supported
Digital Output:Port Width
Digital Output:Timing:Sample Clock Supported
TEDS:Model Number
TEDS:Serial Number
TEDS:Version Number
TEDS:Version Letter

DAQmx Timing Source Properties

Active Timing Source
Timing Source Type
Digital Edge using Counter:Counter
Digital Edge using Counter:Edge
Digital Edge using Counter:Edge Count
Digital Edge using Counter:Terminal
Signal From Task:Signal