MAX Help Menu


MAX Help Menu

The Help menu provides the following options:

MAX Help—Opens the main help file. You can also press <F1> to access the help file.

Help Topics—Provides access to installed MAX help topics. Help topics vary, depending on which NI products you install.

National Instruments on the Web—A link to Internet resources on, such as technical support pages and a Web site search engine.

Technical Support—Provides information about and links to MAX technical support resources.

System Information—Provides a snapshot of your system, with information such as operating system version, processor information, RAM amount, and installed NI software. You can click the Copy All button to copy the information to your clipboard so that you can then paste it into a document.

Patents—Displays the National Instruments patent information.

About—Opens the About Measurement & Automation Explorer dialog box, which displays the program name, version, and copyright statement.

In addition to the standard tools, MAX can expose special tools you can use to help configure, diagnose, or test your system, depending on which NI products you install. As you navigate through MAX, the contents of the application menu and toolbar change to reflect these new tools.