NI-IMAQ I/O C Function



rval = imaqIOEnableShutdown(IMAQIO_SESSION id, unsigned long enableShutdown);


Enables or disables the shutdown functionality of the NI-IMAQ I/O device.

When the shutdown functionality is enabled, the device reaches a shutdown state under two conditions:

  • If ISO_IN_11 is Low
  • If the Watchdog Timer expires and the expiration action is IMAQIO_EXPIRATION_ACTION_SHUTDOWN

When the device is in a shutdown state, it asserts the outputs with the values that have been specified through imaqIOSetShutdownState. The default value for the outputs is Disabled for TTL Outputs and Low for ISO Outputs. Shutdown is a fatal condition. Clear shutdown by powering off and then powering on your system.


Name Type Direction
enableShutdown unsigned long input

Parameter Discussion

id is the ID of the session to enable or disable shutdown on.

enableShutdown determines if shutdown is enabled for the NI-IMAQ I/O device. 1 enables shutdown, and 0 disables shutdown.

Return Value

This function returns 0 on success. On failure, this function returns an error code. For information about the error code, call imaqIOGetErrorText.