Error Codes

NI-IMAQ I/O C Function

Error Codes

Every NI-IMAQ I/O function is of the following form:

rval = Function_Name(parameter 1, parameter 2, ... parameter n);

Each function returns a status code (rval) that indicates the success or failure of the function. The following table describes the error codes returned by each NI-IMAQ I/O function.

Code Name Description
-301521 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_PULSE_MODE The pulse mode is invalid.
-301520 IMAQIO_ERR_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_SETTABLE The attribute is not settable.
-301519 IMAQIO_ERR_TIMEOUT_OUT_OF_RANGE The timeout value is out of range. This watchdog timer supports only 16-bit values.
-301518 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_WATCHDOG_TIMER_EXPIRATION_ACTION The watchdog timer expiration action is invalid.
-301517 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_TO_READ The attribute read is invalid.
-301516 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_PULSE_ID The pulse identifier is invalid.
-301515 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_TIMEBASE The timebase is invalid.
-301514 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_POLARITY The polarity is invalid.
-301513 IMAQIO_ERR_PULSE_OUTPUT_ALREADY_IN_USE The pulse output is already in use.
-301512 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_PULSE_TRIGGER_SIGNAL The pulse trigger signal is invalid.
-301511 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_PULSE_OUTPUT_SIGNAL The pulse output signal is invalid.
-301510 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_SIGNAL_STATE_FOR_THIS_CHANNEL The signal state is invalid for this channel.
-301509 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_SIGNAL_FOR_THIS_OPERATION The signal is invalid for this operation.
-301508 IMAQIO_ERR_PULSE_ALREADY_RUNNING The pulse is already running.
-301507 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_SESSION The session is invalid.
-301506 IMAQIO_ERR_INTERNAL_ERROR An internal error has occurred.
-301505 IMAQIO_ERR_ERROR_NOT_FOUND The specified error is not found.
-301504 IMAQIO_ERR_ERROR_TEXT_TOO_SHORT Text buffer is too small for the error text.
-301503 IMAQIO_ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY Out of memory.
-301502 IMAQIO_ERR_INVALID_POINTER The pointer is invalid.
-301501 IMAQIO_ERR_DEVICE_IN_USE The device is in use.
-301500 IMAQIO_ERR_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND The device was not found.