EasyIOClose (Easy IO Close)

NI-DNET Programmer

EasyIOClose (Easy IO Close)


Close multiple NI-DNET objects in one call.




Not applicable


Interface ObjHandle In Object handle of an open Interface Object, returned from either Easy IO Config or Open DeviceNet Interface function
Device ObjHandle In Array of I/O and/or Explicit Messaging object handles
Error in NI-DNET Error Cluster input


Error out NI-DNET Error Cluster output

Function Description

EasyIOClose stops the Interface Object, closes all the object handles passed in the Device ObjHandle In parameter, and then closes the Interface Object. You normally call EasyIOClose near the end of your application to ensure that all objects are properly deallocated.

EasyIOClose accepts Interface ObjHandle In and Device ObjHandle In as input parameters. You pass the outputs from EasyIOConfig as inputs to EasyIOClose.

Internally, the EasyIOClose function makes use of OperateDeviceNetInterface.vi (ncOperateDnetIntf) and CloseObject.vi (ncCloseObject). To learn more about these functions, refer to the corresponding function description sections.

Parameter Descriptions

Interface ObjHandle In

Description Contains an interface object handle returned from the Easy IO Config or Open DeviceNet Interface function.
Values The encoding of object handle is internal to NI-DNET.

Device ObjHandle In

Description Array of I/O object handles to be closed. You pass in the array returned from Easy IO Config.
Values The encoding of object handles is internal to NI-DNET.



Close Interface Object and I/O Objects opened with Easy IO Config.