Classifying Particles

NI Classification Training Interface

Classifying Particles

To verify that the classifier engine has been trained correctly, complete the following steps:

  1. Select File»Open Images.
  2. Navigate to the image that you want to use as a sample and click Open.
    Tip  You can select all of the files in a folder by enabling the Select All Files option, or you can select multiple files by holding the <Ctrl> key while clicking file names. When you select an image from the list, the Preview Image window displays the image, file type, image size, and image type. If you select a collection of images, the Preview window displays all images in a sequence. To view the sequence at a different rate, adjust the slide to the right of the Preview Image window.
  3. If you open multiple images, use the navigation buttons to browse to a specific image.

Classify Tab

  1. Draw an ROI around the object you want to classify.
  2. Verify that the classifier engine produces the desired class label, classification score, and identification score.

    The assigned class label for the sample appears in the Assigned Class Label indicator. The Classification Score is the degree of certainty that a sample is assigned to one class instead of another class. The Identification Score is the degree of similarity between a sample and members of the class to which the sample is assigned. The Distances chart displays the distance between the classified sample and other classes.