Batch Classification

NI Classification Training Interface

Batch Classification

Use Tools»Batch Classify to classify a folder of images. You can verify the accuracy of the classification by providing a results file that lists the actual class of each image.

Note Note  The classifier will classify images based on the classes that it has been trained to recognize. If the classifier has not been trained to recognize a class, it cannot correctly classify images of that class.

Complete the following steps to classify a folder of images:

  1. Select Tools»Batch Classify.
  2. Click Browse to open the Select a folder of images dialog box.
  3. Locate the folder that contains the images which you want to batch process. Click Open to open the folder, then click Current Folder to set the folder as the image source.
    Note Note  The Batch Classification tool will only process the selected folder, and will ignore the contents of any subfolders.
  4. Click Draw ROI and draw an ROI around the sample that you want to classify. Ensure that the ROI will encompass the object to classify in all images in the folder and click OK.
  5. If you want to check the accuracy of the classification against a results file, enable the Verify Classification option. Complete the following steps to specify a results file:
    1. Click Browse to select a Results File Path. Each line of a results file lists an image name followed by the class name assigned to the image. A delimiter separates the image name from its label.
    2. In the Delimiter list, choose the correct delimiter for the labels file. If an appropriate delimiter is not listed, choose User Specified in the Delimiter list and type the appropriate delimiter into the User Delimiter field.
  6. Click Classify to classify the samples in all the images in the folder. Once processing is complete, the Batch Results dialog box will open.