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Select a discussion server

  1. On the Web Discussions toolbar, click Discussions, and then click Discussion Options.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the Type the name of the discussion server your administrator has provided box, type the name of a discussion server.
  4. If your system administrator has set up security by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) message protocol, select the Encrypted connection required (SSL) check box.
  5. In the You can type any name you want to use as a friendly name for the discussion server box, type a friendly name you want to use for the server; for example, My Server.


  • When using Web discussions with Windows SharePoint Services from Microsoft, you can discuss only files stored on the discussion server. You cannot discuss files stored on a different server.
  • If the Web page or document is located on a server that has discussions or subscriptions enabled, your discussions or subscriptions are automatically stored on that server. If you select another server, Web Discussions no longer automatically uses the server the document is on. Instead, it uses the server you used the last time you opened the Web Discussions toolbar.
  • On a discussion server running Windows SharePoint Services, you cannot create subscriptions by using the Web Discussions toolbar. For information about creating alerts, which replace subscriptions in Windows SharePoint Services, see Windows SharePoint Services Help.