SetClipDat( )

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Foxtools

SetClipDat( )

Sets the data on the opened Clipboard.


SetClipDat(nFormat, cData)


Specifies an identifier for possible Clipboard formats.

nFormat Description (define type)
1 cf_Text
2 cf_Bitmap
3 cf_MetaFilePict
4 cf_SYLK
5 cf_DIF
6 cf_TIFF
7 cf_OEMText
8 cf_DIB
9 cf_Palette


Specifies the data to place on the Clipboard.

Return Type



The Clipboard must have been opened with OpenClip( ) before you call this function. If the Windows Clipboard is running, it won't update its window to show the data placed in the Clipboard by the SetClipDat( ) function until after the CloseClip( ) function is called.

Note   This function maps to the Windows SDK function that is similarly named. For more information, see the Windows SDK documentation.