RegClipFmt( )

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Foxtools

RegClipFmt( )

Registers a new Clipboard format.




Specifies a string that names the new format.

Return Type



The registered format can be used in subsequent clipboard functions as a valid format in which to render data, and it will appear in the Clipboard's list of formats.

The return value indicates the newly registered format. If the identical format name has been registered before, even by a different application, the format's reference count is incremented (increased by one) and the same value is returned as when the format was originally registered. The return value is zero if the format can't be registered.

Almost all Clip functions rely on opening the Clipboard before using the function. You can use _CLIPTEXT to access the contents of the Windows Clipboard.

Note   This function maps to the Windows SDK function that is similarly named. For more information, see the Windows SDK documentation.