Apply an existing filter to a data access page

Microsoft Data Access Pages

Apply an existing filter to a data access page

You can reapply filters that you created earlier in the current working session. However, if you browse to another data access page after creating the filters, or if you navigate away from the records that are currently displayed, the filters will be lost.

  • On an ungrouped page, click Filter Toggle on the record navigation toolbar.

  • On a grouped page, expand the group that you want to filter, and then click Filter Toggle  on the record navigation toolbar for that group.

Note   This procedure doesn't apply to a Microsoft Office PivotTable Component, Spreadsheet Component, or Chart Component. These features can be filtered independently from the rest of the data on the data access page, and may also support additional filtering capabilities. To display help for a PivotTable list, spreadsheet, or chart, click Help on its toolbar.