Remove Pictures

Kodak EasyShare

Remove Pictures

Use this procedure to remove pictures from your Camera Favorites Album on the device. Pictures are not removed from your collection.

When you are using one of the automatic Fill modes, some of the removed pictures may be added back into your Camera Favorites Album if the pictures meet the selected Fill mode criteria.

1. In the Collection navigation pane, click My [device model] to display the pictures.

NOTE: When you set up a Camera Favorites album for multiple devices, each device is shown under Cameras and Viewers in the Collection navigation pane.

2. Select the pictures you want removed and then choose Albums ® Remove from Album. If you are using a Fill mode other than Add only the pictures I select, you are prompted to change the Fill mode.

he next time you use a USB cable to connect and synchronize the device, your Camera Favorites Album is synchronized with only the pictures remaining in your EasyShare Camera Favorites Album.