Inno Setup Preprocessor: Documentation Conventions

Inno Setup Preprocessor

Inno Setup Preprocessor: Documentation Conventions

Directive syntax documenting conventions

Directive usage syntax uses the following conventions.

() Group of tokens.
[] Optional token or group of tokens.
| Mutually exclusive tokens.
... Previous token or group of tokens can be repeated.
token Reserved word or symbol(s). Must be typed exactly as shown.
<token> Non-terminal. Its syntax is either shown before, or explained.

Function prototypes documenting conventions

Function prototypes are shown as function result type, function name and list of formal arguments in parentheses.

Words int, str, any, and void are used to specify integer type, string type, any type, or null type (also referred to as nothing, void), respectively. Null type as function result means that function does not return any value.

Question mark (?) after the type of an argument means that this argument is optional.