Global Attributes

IUP - Portable User Interface

Global Attributes


The language used by some pre-defined dialogs.

Can have the values ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE. Default: PORTUGUESE.


Return respectively a text with a description of the system language.

VERSION (read-only)

Returns the name of IUP's version.

The value follows the "major.minor.micro" format, major referring to broader changes, minor referring to smaller changes, and micro referring to corrections only. Ex.: "1.7.2".

COPYRIGHT (read-only)

Returns the IUP's copyright.

 Ex: "Copyright (C) 1994-2004 Tecgraf/PUC-Rio and PETROBRAS S/A".

DRIVER (read-only)

Informs the current driver being used.

Two drivers are available now, one for each platform: "GTK", "Motif" and "Win32".

SYSTEM (read-only)

Informs the current operating system.

On UNIX, it is equivalent to the command "uname -s" (sysname). On Windows, it identifies if you are on NT, WinXP or 98.


  • "Linux"
  • "SunOS"
  • "Solaris"
  • "IRIX"
  • "AIX"
  • "WinXP"


Informs the current operating system version number.

On UNIX, it is equivalent to the command  "uname -r" (release). On Windows, it identifies the system version with build number and service pack version.

FULLSIZE (read-only)

Returns the full screen size in pixels.

String in the "widthxheight" format.

SCREENSIZE (read-only)

Returns the screen size in pixels available for dialogs, i.e. not including menu bars, task bars, etc. In Motif has the same value as the FULLSIZE attribute.

String in the "widthxheight" format.

SCREENDEPTH (read-only)

Returns the screen depth in bits per pixel.


Locks the loop even when an all dialogs have been closed. Possible values: "YES" or "NO".


The cursor position in absolute coordinates relative to the upper left corner of the screen. Accept values in the format "xxy", example "200x200",

COMPUTERNAME (read-only)

Returns the hostname.

USERNAME (read-only)

Returns the user logged in.


Returns the default dialog background color.


Stores the name of the default font used in the interface controls.

SHIFTKEY (read-only)

Returns the state of the Shit keys (left and right). Possible values: "ON" or "OFF".

CONTROLKEY (read-only)

Returns the state of the Control keys (left and right). Possible values: "ON" or "OFF".

MODKEYSTATE (read-only)

Returns the state of the keyboard modifier keys: Shift, Ctrl, Alt and sYs(Win/Apple). In the format of 4 characters: "SCAY". When not pressed the respective letter is replaced by a space " ".


Indicates if the display allows creating TrueColor (> 8bpp) IupCanvas controls, even if PseudoColor is the default. Returns "YES" or "NO".

Win32 Global Attributes 

HINSTANCE (read-only)

This attribute returns a handle (HINSTANCE) that identifies the application in the native system.

GTK Global Attributes 

GTKVERSION (read-only)

Returns the version of the run time GTK.

Motif Global Attributes 


Turns on/off  ("YES" or "NO") the autorepeat of keyboard keys in the whole system - may be used as an optimization in high performance applications.

APPSHELL (read-only)

Returns the shell Widget created by XtOpenApplication.

MOTIFVERSION (read-only)

Returns the version of the run time Motif.

MOTIFNUMBER (read-only)

Returns the number of the Motif Version if full form, e.x: 2.2.3 = "2203".

XDISPLAY (read-only)

Returns the X-Windows Display.

XSCREEN (read-only)

Returns the X-Windows Screen.


X-Windows Server Vendor string.


X-Windows Server Vendor release number.