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WinHelp command


Displays a WinHelp topic in the WinHelp primary window, a WinHelp secondary window, or in a WinHelp pop-up window. The specific window attributes, such as size and position, background color, and button bar items, are based on the definitions in the [WINDOWS] section of the specified WinHelp project (.hpj) file.

This command can be used only with a compiled help (.chm) file.


<PARAM  name="Command" value="WinHelp [,Popup]>

<PARAM name="Item2" value="topic ID|map number">
<PARAM name="Item1" value="WinHelp (.hlp) file path [>window name]">
[<PARAM name="Button" value="[Text: Button text|Bitmap: Bitmap file path|Icon:Icon file path]">]
[<PARAM name="Font" value="Facename[, point size[, charset[, color[, PLAIN BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE]]]]">]
[<PARAM name="Text" value="Text: Link text">]

Property Description
Button Specifies the button style. Optional.
Command Calls the WinHelp command and specifies a WinHelp window type.
  • To display a pop-up WinHelp window, type Popup.

  • To display a secondary WinHelp window, do not specify a window type and specify a window name in the Item1 parameter.

  • To display the WinHelp main window, do not specify a window type or a window name (in the Item1 parameter).
Font Specifies the font attributes. Optional.
Item1 Specifies the file path of the WinHelp (.hlp) file in which the WinHelp topic is stored, and the window name of the target window.

The window name must be preceded by the ">" character.

Do not specify a window name if you typed Popup in the Command parameter or if you want the topic to appear in the WinHelp main window.

Item2 Specifies the topic ID or map number of the WinHelp topic to display.
Text Specifies the link text. Optional.



height=100 >
<PARAM name="Command" value="WinHelp">
<PARAM name="Button" value="Text: Candomble Overview">
<PARAM name="Item1" value="c:\winhelp\candomble_wh.hlp>MyWindow">
<PARAM name="Item2" value="myth_candomble_overview">


  • The Button parameter is omitted when this command is invoked by a script.

link to overview topic About commands