HTML Help ActiveX

KLink command


Creates Keyword links (KLinks) that jump to target HTML files that contain the specified keyword(s). The list of target topics appears on a pop-up menu or in a dialog box.

This command can be used only with a compiled help (.chm) file.


<PARAM  name="Command"       value="KLink [,menu|,dialog]">

<PARAM name="Item1" value=".chm file path">
<PARAM name="Item2" value="keyword text">
[<PARAM name="Button" value="[Text: Button text|Bitmap: Bitmap file path|Icon:Icon file path]">]
[<PARAM name="Default Topic" value="File name or HTTP URL">]
[<PARAM name="Font" value="Facename[, point size[, charset[, color[, PLAIN BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE]]]]">]
[<PARAM name="Flags" value=",,1">]
[<PARAM name="Flags" value="1">]
[<PARAM name="Frame" value="Frame Name">]
[<PARAM name="Text" value="Text: Link text">]

Property Description
Button Specifies the button style. Optional.
Command Calls the KLink command and specifies whether to display target topics on a pop-up menu or in a dialog box.

If you do not specify a display option, a dialog box appears by default.

To specify the Topics Found dialog box, type dialog.

To specify a pop-up menu, type menu.

Default Topic Specifies the topic to navigate to if the look up fails. Optional.
Flags Specifies how the command will behave if only one target is found or the target is unavailable.
Font Specifies the font attributes. Optional.
Frame Specifies the frame in which to display the selected topic. Optional.
Item1 Specifies the compiled help (.chm) file that contains the target topics.
Item2 Specifies a keyword. This text must match a keyword that has previously been inserted into one or more topics using the Compiler Information command.

Subsequent keywords are specified as Item3, Item4, etc.

Text Specifies the link text. Optional.


Note that KLink targets will appear on a pop-up menu in this example because menu is specified in the Command parameter.


<PARAM name="Command" value="KLink, menu">
<PARAM name="Button" value="Text:Animal Diets">
<PARAM name="Item1" value="animals.chm">
<PARAM name="Item2" value="omnivore">
<PARAM name="Item3" value="carnivore"> </OBJECT>

Sample KLink Command


  • The Button parameter is omitted when this command is invoked by a script.
  • To add keywords to a target HTML file, use the Compiler Information command, which is available on the Edit menu of HTML Help Workshop.

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