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Web Remote Control
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Web Remote Control is a way to manually trigger and control events from any device that supports a web browser.  This could be another PC, tablet or smart phone.

This feature can be enabled in the main screen by checking Enable Web Remote Control and by selecting a Remote Port number.

When DMX for Gamers is started, the URL for remote control access will be displayed.

The first time a device attempts to access remote control, the application will ask if the device is allowed access.  The device will display a web page stating this.  If access has been granted, the web browser on the device can be refreshed and the remote access web page should display.  If access has been denied, the device will get a 404 Not Found error.

There are several reasons this feature may not work:
·    The firewall on the local PC is blocking the TCP IP port being used
·    The network or network router may be blocking the TCP IP port being used
·    The TCP IP port may already be in used by something else

WARNING: Network traffic for web remote control is not encrypted.  However it is not possible for a device to access remote control features without a user at the application granting permission.