Hardware Requirements

DMX for Gamers

Hardware Requirements
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First and foremost you need a PC to run the software.  DMX for Gamers itself does not require much horsepower.  Any PC capable of running Windows 7 or higher should be sufficient.

To actually drive lights with DMX for Gamers will require the following:

·    DMX Adapter
·    Tested and Works
·    Enttec Open DMX USB
·    ArtNet (DMX over IP)
·    Works in Theory
·    Any FTDI based DMX adapter

·    Any DMX controllable lights with manuals
·    DMX lights come in all styles and functionalities.  I would recommend a simple 3 or 4 channel light to get started.  You can find cheap LED DMX lights from $25 - $30 online.
· You will need manuals or DMX instructions for the lights in order to use them with DMX for Gamers

·  DMX cords
·    By the specs, DMX cables are 5 pins.  However alot of hardware uses 3 pin cables.
·    For short runs, standard 3 pin XLR audio cables will work
·    For short runs you should not need to work about termination.  If you don't know what termination is, don't worry about it...