The DESCombine class stitches together a series of video and audio files

DESCombineLib Namespace

The classes in the DESCombineLib can be used to combine multiple video/audio files.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
CompletedArgs Used by the Completed event. Reports the event code that exited the graph.
DESCombine Takes a combination of video or audio files of various formats and stitches them together sequentially. The result can be output to one of several formats including a video window, or an AVI file.
FileCompletedArgs Used by the FileCompleted event. Reports when a file has completed processing.


Interface Description
IDESCombineCB A callback interface that can be implemented by callers to DESCombine who wish to perform processing on video or audio frames.


Enumeration Description
FileCompletedArgs.FileType Type of the file that has completed (audio/video)