DESCombine Class


The DESCombine class stitches together a series of video and audio files

DESCombine Class

Takes a combination of video or audio files of various formats and stitches them together sequentially. The result can be output to one of several formats including a video window, or an AVI file.

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System.Object    DESCombineLib.DESCombine

public class DESCombine : IDisposable


The normal sequence when using this class would be:

  1. Call the constructor
  2. Call the Add*File methods to specify the video/audio files to combine
  3. Call RenderTo* to specify where to render the output
  4. Call StartRendering to begin the rendering

When calling the RenderTo* methods, a callback routine can be registered so that each audio or video frame will be passed to the CB routine.


Namespace: DESCombineLib

Assembly: DESCombineLib (in DESCombineLib.dll)

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