Draft Angle Analysis


View option facilitates the user to Create View or to Restore View.

  • Click Create View to save the view for further reference.
  • This displays a pop-up.

    • Enter the View Name.
    • Click OK to save the view name.
  • Click Restore View to restore the view without saving the result.

  • Analyze/ Apply : This button will kick start the analysis based on the user selected “Draft Angle”, “Select Part” options on the selected individual Part(s) or Surface(s). Apply button would initiate the analysis which will change surface colors of the selected parts or surfaces to communicate the Draft Angle Analysis results.
  • Reset: It would clear any surface or part selections made by the user and would reset the “Entity Count” to zero. The surface analysis colors are reset.
  • Cancel: It will close the DAA interface and bring the focus back to SpinFire Pro Window. The current view orientation will not change. The colors will be reset, unless the user had saved the view.

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