Select Pull Direction

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Select Pull Direction

The Pull Direction is defined as the axis against which the angular values specified in the dialog box will be evaluated. By default the Reference Frame selects the World Reference Frame and positive Z direction as the default.

  • The user can also select the different direction on the world reference frame by simply using the Direction drop-down and choosing the desired direction.
  • Note: The user can create Coordinate System and can select any direction against that reference frame.

  • If another reference frame has been created, the user can also select any direction against that reference frame by using the Reference Frame drop-down and then making the appropriate Direction selection, if required.

  • Select any vertex point and click Define Pull Direction button.
  • Note: When the user clicks Define Pull Direction button, the dialog box changes to ‘Pick on a Surface’.

  • Select any vertex point on any surface. A reference frame is created with the positive Z direction being normal to the surface at that point.

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