StringExtensions Class

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StringExtensions Class
Provides extension methods for String type.
Inheritance Hierarchy
SystemObject  CSharpExtensionsStringExtensions

Namespace: CSharpExtensions
Assembly: CSharpExtensions (in CSharpExtensions.dll) Version: (
public static class StringExtensions
Public NotInheritable Class StringExtensions
public ref class StringExtensions abstract sealed
type StringExtensions =  class end

The StringExtensions type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCapitalizeFirstLetter
Converts only the first letter of a string to upper case.
Public methodStatic memberConvertCyrillicToLatinLetters
Transforms a string containing cyrillic letters to their latin representation.
Public methodStatic memberConvertLatinToCyrillicKeyboard
Transforms a string containing latin letters to their cyrillic representation.
Public methodStatic memberGetFileExtension
Extract the extension of a file if the current string is a valid file name.
Public methodStatic memberGetFirstCharacters
Retrieves first 'n' characters from a string.
Public methodStatic memberGetStringBetween
Get a substring that starts from a specific string and ends to a specific string.
Public methodStatic memberToBoolean
Converts a string to a boolean value.
Public methodStatic memberToByteArray
Converts a string to a sequence of bytes.
Public methodStatic memberToContentType
Provides a file content type depending on a file extension.
Public methodStatic memberToDateTime
Converts a string with date and time to object of type DateTime.
Public methodStatic memberToInteger
Converts a string to a 32-bits signed number.
Public methodStatic memberToLong
Converts a string to a 64-bits signed number.
Public methodStatic memberToMd5Hash
Computes a md5 hash value for each character and converts them to hexadecimal values.
Public methodStatic memberToShort
Converts a string to a 16-bits signed number.
Public methodStatic memberToValidLatinFileName
Validate that a string contains only valid characters for a file name.
Public methodStatic memberToValidUsername
Validate that a string contains only allowed characters for a username.
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