Autodesk Stand-Alone Licensing


A stand-alone license allows you to run an Autodesk product on a single workstation. To obtain a license, you register your product.

You can use your Autodesk product in trial mode for a given number of days from the first time you launch the product. The number of days that a trial mode is active differs between Autodesk products. You can register your license at any time before the trial period expires. After the trial period expires, you cannot run your Autodesk product until you register the product.

When you register your product, you receive an activation code. If you register online, your activation code is automatically retrieved from Autodesk and the product starts. If you register offline, you request an activation code from Autodesk. Upon receipt, you manually enter the activation code in the Product Activation wizard. The Product Activation wizard is displayed every time you launch a product that has not been registered.

NoteIf you are installing and using an Autodesk product on both operating systems of a dual-boot operating system, you must obtain a separate activation code for each operating system.

For more information about registering and activating your product, see your product's Stand-Alone Installation Guide, which is available from the Documentation link on the Installation wizard or in the product's Help system.

The license file stays on your workstation when you uninstall your product. If you reinstall your Autodesk product on the same workstation, the license information is still valid. You do not have to reactivate the product.