What's New 2006

AutoCAD Map 3D SDK

What's New 2006

Note The product name for SDK releases 2007 and earlier was Autodesk Map 3D ObjectARX.

The following features were new or changed in the 2006 release.

New Areas of Functionality

Although Feature Data Objects (FDO Client) and Map Plotting are not new areas of functionality, their class-based implementations in this release are entirely new.

Note The previous implementation for Feature Data Objects is no longer available. Applications based on it are no longer valid and will not compile. The previous implementation for Map Plotting, although deprecated, remains in place.

Feature Header and
Library Files
FDO Enabler AcMapFdo*.h
Map Book AcMapMB*.h
Custom Object
Protocol Extensions

Changed Areas of Functionality

Feature Header and
Library Files
Display Manager AcMapDM*.h

Managed Wrapper Classes

The Managed Wrapper Classes present all of ObjectARX as Managed C++, which lets you access ObjectARX functionality using VB.NET, C#, or any other .NET language.